Random Astral Travel

So years ago I had the weirdest experience while staying at a hotel. I woke up and saw myself laying in bed. Now you’re probably like yeah right! Well some people will think it’s a lie but it actually is true. I was unable to remember my name or the people around me. I can only recall my breathing was heavy, searching the room for answers and being scared. Then I heard this voice it was a male telling me to calm down and lay back in place. That was super weird but I actually had a similar experience after I gave birth to my daughter.

Well it was the year 1999 and I was living with my aunt at the time. We stayed over in west Philly. Well I woke up like at 2:30 am and remember my feet being wet in the bathroom. I thought I wet myself even though I was sitting on the toilet. It was weird and so I ran to talk to my aunt. She woke up and said ok let’s go to hospital. Anyways during my ride in the ambulance there was like a thousand bumps in the road and the paramedics kept saying oh it’s just Braxton hicks. By the time I arrived at Univ Penn hospital I was in so much pain. I had dilated 6 cm and so they put me in a room. It was my first pregnancy so of course I’m nervous but as the day went on I was given a epidural. It was painful more so then the contractions. All of a sudden I see numerous doctors in my room. I did not understand everything but I recall hearing one say come on baby stay with us and the monitor going off. She was shaking my belly and then said but on this oxygen mask. Next thing I know there is someone saying take her for a c section and someone else saying there’s no time. My heart is racing and they are all talking and one ran out the room. My grandmother came in and stood by my head holding my hand. She said everything will be okay don’t worry. I’m here.

I swear after she said that my hearing went out I stared at her and I saw my daughter. One of the doctors held her up like she was simba and said it’s a girl. Then they rushed her out the room. My vision went out and I loss my hearing. I don’t know how long I was like that but I remember it was black so dark I kept trying to see something or someone. Then I heard a males voice he said come this way it was like the smallest hole in a tunnel . It looked like a tunnel. When I opened my eyes I saw my aunt she said hi Barbara how are you. For a second I didn’t know where I was until she said congratulations your a mom now.

I asked my grandmother and aunt ( rip to them) what happened and they both said Barb you loss too much blood. My grandmother said the doctor ran to the waiting area to get her. He told her we can save the baby but you need to be in there she isn’t going to make it. It was definitely a scary experience but glad me and my daughter are alive and well. Some life experiences are tragic but I believe everything happens for a reason. I have since seen so much from traveling spiritually. I remember before seeing Kanye and Kim house I traveled there it’s weird but I remember thinking it’s all white like a dungeon. Then when Beyoncé and jay were having their babies I traveled and saw someone having some issues like breathing and one of the babies being held by jay he was crying over him sitting in a chair in the room. I actually told my family I saw twins before it was public. I also traveled to several areas overseas it sounds crazy but I also see deaths before they occur. Some people I know some people out there has the same ability I do… I’m not the only one. It’s just hard when I leave my body because I fear I won’t make it back in time. Thanks for reading.