My First Encounter

It’s weird but sometimes I wake up surrounded by my family but feel someone else is near me. The weird journey with supernatural beliefs has always plagued me. Ever since I was a kid I’d question like is there more to life? Are ghost real? How do spirits affect the way we eat, sleep and function? I have since had so many different experiences. So I’ve decided to start just randomly writing how it’s impacted my life and the things I’ve seen.

Some people maybe able to relate to my stories or might just write me off as crazy. Either way it’s worth telling … I think lol. So where should I begin… my first encounter. I was about 8 or 9 years old and I remember laying in my bed. At the time my family lived in a 3 bedroom house in West Philadelphia. Of course there were about 10-20 people so you can imagine the space. Seriously

I shared a twin size bed with 2 of my younger siblings. So that night in particular it felt like a bad dream. My mother would normally sleep downstairs in her hospital bed. I’ll tell ya about that later. So anyways she wasn’t there that night she was at the hospital. It was my grandparents house so we weren’t alone. Anyway around 3 AM I could hear the stairs creek. You ever watch a horror movie and that shit happens. Yeah well I just knew someone was coming up. So I threw the cover over my head and pretended to be asleep.

All of a sudden I felt myself being dragged down the stairs and seeing this red cloud of smoke in front of me. I was pulled straight to the front door until my feet hit it. I was so scared I couldn’t speak and I heard it say “ your coming with me” I honestly think the door is what saved me. I ran so fast back up stairs literally pooping myself. Later that day I tried telling someone but no one understood me. They said “ yeah you have the craziest dreams “

That was my very first experience and as frightening as it sounds I was hooked. I wanted to know more like who was that and was it just a dream. If you ever saw something-would you be brave enough to scream?