Red Brick Dust


Protection for your home


The traditional use of red brick dust started in New Orleans which is located in the United States. Allegedly the hoodoo doctors would scrub their floors and in front of their homes to ward off bad juju and curses basically anything evil. They believed in spreading the dust in front of their home so that evil or anyone wishing evil could not cross the line. The directions are pretty simple: Get up before dawn on any of these days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Add water and your urine, or water and ammonia together. Do not speak to anyone just pour it in front of your door and wait for it to dry. Once it’s dry sprinkle the red brick dust on your doorstep.
This can also work with drawing money your way by mixing the red brick dust with water, cinnamon powder, and brown sugar. This makes a reddening and you can scrub your steps inward to help achieve fast cash or a longer cash flow. All bricks used are from the 1960s and have been prayed over twice.